Tuesday - 10th May 2022 (TimeZone BST)

  • 09:30
  • Welcome Address & Platform Orientation - Orientation will focus on how to access and navigate the virtual conference platform for Live Sessions & Interactive Networking

  • 09:40
  • Chairperson’s opening remarks

    Gabor Purman

    Gabor Purman Scientific Solutions Director
    NexGen Healthcare Communications

Innovation in Pharma

  • 09:50
  • From product centricity to customer centricity : How AI is transforming commercial organization ?

    Florent Hassen

    Florent Hassen Global Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Lead
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche

  • 10:15
  • Executives Discussion and Debate: How AI and Machine Learning is driving value for Global Pharma

    • Innovation in Big-Pharma
    • AI enabled business models in R&D
    • Achieving full potential of AI to boost Drug Discovery and Development
    • AI has the capacity to radically reduce the uncertainty in both early and late-stage drug discovery and development

    Gabor Purman

    Gabor Purman Scientific Solutions Director
    NexGen Healthcare Communications

    Thomas Ehmer

    Thomas Ehmer Business Technologies R&D Science and Technology - Innovation Incubator
    Merck Group

    Mohamed-Ramzi Temanni

    Mohamed-Ramzi Temanni Scientific Director, Head of France AI & Genomics
    Janssen Pharmaceuticals

    Bhupathy Alagiriswamy

    Bhupathy Alagiriswamy Local Study Associate Director

  • 10:50
  • Redefining research: how machine reading finds you answers - not documents

    • How today's solutions can't cope with the volume of scientific data
    • How machine reading delivers human-like extraction and comprehension across millions of documents
    • How Causaly's knowledge graph allows users to ask complex questions for target identification across all therapeutic areas

    Artur Saudabayev

    Artur Saudabayev Co-Founder and CTO

ML and AI based Drug Discovery

  • 11:20
  • Accelerating scientific discovery: Exploring early drug discovery through Artificial intelligence

    Christos Varsakelis

    Christos Varsakelis Team Lead AI/ML Early Drug Discovery, In Silico Discovery & External Innovation
    Janssen Pharmaceutical

  • 11:45
  • Precision Medicine powered by AI: therapeutic target selection

    • OncoSNIPER, a platform to identify and validate new therapeutic targets
    • From Data generation to experimental validation
    • Hybrid Artificial Intelligence

    Stéphane Gerart

    Stéphane Gerart Chief Information Officer | Head of Artificial Intelligence Business Unit

  • 12:10
  • Accelerating drug discovery through quantum-computing

    • Analysing larger-scale molecules  
    • Algorithmic developments in quantum machine learning
    • Offer better insights and the potential to help advance drug discovery

    Thomas Ehmer

    Thomas Ehmer Business Technologies R&D Science and Technology - Innovation Incubator
    Merck Group

  • 12:35
  • Virtual Luncheon & Networking - Visit Exhibitor Booths & Network with your peers in our Lounge (Face to Face Video Chats)



  • 13:05
  • Contextualized Scientific Search to Power Insight and Innovation

    Jeff Evernham

    Jeff Evernham VP of Product Strategy

  • 13:35
  • A path forward to Prescriptive Decision Making

    Ramila Peiris

    Ramila Peiris Director - Head of Data Science
    Sanofi Pasteur

  • 14:00
  • Abbvie Case Study: Machine intelligence approach for drug discovery

    Abhishek Pandey

    Abhishek Pandey Group Lead: Pharma discovery

Genomics and Precision Medicine

  • 14:25
  • Enabling precision medicine with integrated genomic and clinical data

    • Transforming the precision research value chain
    • How do we implement Precision Medicine?
    • How does it affect the ecosystem of healthcare?
    • Future of genomics and precision medicine

    Zisis Kozlakidisor

    Zisis Kozlakidisor Head, Laboratory Services and Biobank Groups, IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer
    World Health Organization

  • 14:50
  • BioRels – A single data ecosystem for Genetic Medicines

    Jérémy Desaphy

    Jérémy Desaphy Director Scientific data and informatics - Genetic Medicine
    Eli Lilly and Company

  • 15:15
  • Exhibitor Session

  • 15:30
  • Search and text mining on FDA and EMA drug labels

    Peter Henstock

    Peter Henstock Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead

    David Edelen

    David Edelen Directory, Regulatory Solutions

  • 16:00
  • Visit Virtual Exhibitor Booths/Speed Networking at our Exclusive Lounge (Face to Face Video chat with Exhibitors and other attendees)



Data Science, Big Data & Informatics

  • 16:20
  • Harnessing the Power of Data Science – How to Design a Platform that can Deliver on your Dreams


    Key aspects of establishing a successful data science platform for a Pharma company

    • Strategic considerations
    • Bayer’s cross-divisional data science platform
    • Example use cases leveraging the platform

    Stefan Schmitz

    Stefan Schmitz Lead Product Owner Data Science Platform

  • 16:45
  • Natural Language Processing applications in Healthcare

    • How can NLP support healthcare industry?
    • Utilizing NLP in future clinical research
    • Challenges and Limitations of NLP

    Mohamed Sharaf

    Mohamed Sharaf EMEA Medical Program Lead (Immunology)
    Janssen Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

  • 17:10
  • AI and Machine Learning for Next Generation of Biopharmaceuticals

    Per Jr. Greisen

    Per Jr. Greisen Director for Computational Drug Discovery
    Novo Nordisk

  • 17:35
  • Digital Transformation in Pharma

    Shruthi Bharadwaj

    Shruthi Bharadwaj Head, Science and Technology Intelligence

  • 18:00
  • Implementation and relevance of FAIR data principles in Pharmaceutical R&D

    • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness by implementing the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data
    • Tools enabling FAIR data
    • Fair as a machine learning enabler
    • Benefits of FAIR in pharma

    Chuangkee Ong (Ck)

    Chuangkee Ong (Ck) Associate Director, Lead Information Architecture

  • 18:25
  • Chairperson's Closing remarks

    Gabor Purman

    Gabor Purman Scientific Solutions Director
    NexGen Healthcare Communications

  • 18:35
  • Networking Drinks Session


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