Stéphane Gerart

Chief Information Officer | Head of Artificial Intelligence Business Unit - Oncodesign

Stéphane Gerart is an engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique and the INA-PG and holds a PhD in immunology from Paris Descartes University. He begins his career as a business development consultant within the Consulting Firm Novoptim, a partner of choice in the strategic, marketing and operational support of fast-growing health life sciences companies on the European market. He then joins SOPHiA GENETICS in Canada. His mission as the country business development manager of this pioneer company in its field allowed him to acquire expertise in artificial intelligence and related applications. Back in France, as head of corporate business development for SOPHiA GENETICS, he is exposed to the booming ecosystem of new technologies in the healthcare world. He joins Oncodesign in 2020 to be responsible of the Artificial Intelligence Business Unit.

Stéphane Gerart


  • Tuesday - May 10, 2022 - 11:45

    Precision Medicine powered by AI: therapeutic target selection

    • OncoSNIPER, a platform to identify and validate new therapeutic targets
    • From Data generation to experimental validation
    • Hybrid Artificial Intelligence


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