Maria Maddalena Lino

Safety risk Lead Director - Pfizer

Dr. Lino is a native from Italy and holds a medical degree, a specialization in Neurology and a PhD in Neuroscience. She has strong experience in clinical neurology and medical applied research. Maddalena counts more than 10 years of Pharmacovigilance within big and medium size pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines. Maddalena has been an invited speaker in numerous international and national symposium and counts several publications in peer reviewed journals. She has been involved in vaccine safety since 15 years (including influenza seasonal/pandemic, COVID-19 and RSV vaccine).

Maria Maddalena Lino


  • Thursday - September 12, 2024 - 11:00

    Industry Frontiers in Pharmacovigilance: Advancing Post-Marketing Signal Detection and Management

    • The strengths and weaknesses of existing drug safety signal detection systems and tools, setting the stage for innovation.
    • Latest advancements and emerging technologies in the detection and management of safety signals, highlighting their potential to transform the industry.
    • Exploring the variety of sources, including novel and underutilized ones, for identifying safety signals, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive approach.


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