Jordi Casanellas

Head of Language AI - Bayer

Jordi Casanellas


  • Wednesday - September 11, 2024 - 09:00

    Improving Drug Safety Through Adverse Event Detection with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative AI

    • The transformative impact of Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the efficiency and accuracy of adverse event detection in pharmacovigilance.
    • How NLP techniques can convert unstructured textual data from sources like medical records, social media, and patient narratives into actionable insights for drug safety monitoring.
    • The challenges, such as data quality and privacy concerns, as well as the opportunities presented by NLP in improving drug safety, including early signal detection and more precise risk assessment.

  • Wednesday - September 11, 2024 - 14:15

    Panel Discussion - Integrated Drug Safety Surveillance Systems: Fostering Collaboration for Enhanced Pharmacovigilance

    • Assessing the benefits and hurdles in forming a network that includes pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies for improved drug safety monitoring
    • Discussing strategies for standardizing data collection, reporting, and analysis across various organizations to ensure consistent and reliable pharmacovigilance
    • Investigating how AI, blockchain, and big data are transforming ADR detection and analysis, increasing the efficiency and precision of pharmacovigilance
    • Emphasizing the need for effective communication and collaboration among patients, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies to establish a trust-based pharmacovigilance system
    • Detailing best practices and essential factors for successful collaborative pharmacovigilance, with a focus on regulatory compliance, data privacy, and cross-sector cooperation


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