Mike Miller

Client Principal - Waracle

In my my role as Client Principal at Waracle, I'm a commercial lead focused on Health as a vertical, broadly across Pharma, Biotech and Healthtech. My background is in digital product, having spent the last 12 years working in agencies and consultancies with a very diverse range of clients and industries. I've been involved in the planning and delivery of over 100 different digital products, services and experiences. I'm passionate about design and technology and in particular, the strategic value of human centred design. I get to partner every day with exciting and ambitious organisations and help them to use digital to drive innovation, gain competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency, and enable great outcomes for customers and patients alike.

Mike Miller


  • Wednesday - May 29, 2024 - 17:00

    Panel Discussion: Advancing Drug Discovery and Patient Care: The Synergy of Emerging Technologies in Pharma-Health Collaboration

    • Why is it important for pharma and healthcare to work together? •
    • The changing patient behaviour in the digital era
    • Why is it essential to be prompt in identifying and addressing the patient’s needs?
    • How will digitization help bring patients on board?
    • Progress made by companies so far
    • Strategies to be adopted to increase patient –company data flow


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