Jakob E. Larsen

Target Discovery Engine Project Director - Novo Nordisk

Jakob Ellinshøj Larsen is a highly experienced and skilled leader in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong scientific background and a broad understanding of the R&D value chain and commercial aspects. He has worked for Novo Nordisk for over 10 years, in various roles and locations, driving strategy development and execution, leading cross-functional teams and projects, and managing stakeholder relationships across global sites and therapy areas. He is currently the Target Discovery Engine Project Director at Novo Nordisk Research Center Oxford, where he is responsible for increasing the efficiency and outcomes of pre-projects in alignment with strategic guidance and priorities. Jakob holds a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and has published several papers in reputable journals. He also has a Project Manager Certification from Mannaz, a P3O® Practitioner & Foundation Certificate in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices from QA Ltd., and a Change Manager Certification from ProSci Inc. He has participated in various courses and programmes, including the Corporate Development Greenhouse Talent Program, the Advanced Executive Communication Skills at Harvard University, and the Value Chain Academy at Novo Nordisk. He is also a LinkedIn mentor for early life science professionals and a member of the Harvard Biotechnology Club.

Jakob E. Larsen


  • Tuesday - May 28, 2024 - 13:50

    Case Study – How Novo Nordisk leverage in silico tools like AI/ML and genetics to reach strategic priorities


  • Tuesday - May 28, 2024 - 17:30

    Executives Discussion and Debate: Empowering drug discovery and development: the AI and Machine Learning revolution?

    • How pharmaceutical companies are adopting AI to discover new drugs and improve existing ones, and the impact this is having on their R&D strategies
    • How AI is not just a tool for research but is reshaping business models, leading to collaborations with tech companies, the rise of AI-driven biotech firms, and changes in investment strategies
    • Strategies to maximize AI & ML's impact in drug discovery and development
    • Mitigating risks and uncertainties in drug development through AI. Explore how AI is being used to navigate the complexities of both early-stage discovery and late-stage clinical trials


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