Claudia Wiedemann

Associate Director Data Science Digital Health - Evinova

Claudia Wiedemann is an Associate Director of Data Science at AstraZeneca. She holds a PhD in mathematics and has several years of experience as a Data Scientist in different areas such as Digital Farming, Digital Production, and now Digital Health. At AstraZeneca, she is part of the Human Centered AI & ML team working on enhancing clinical trials, and is part of the recently launched Evinova, a separate health-tech business consisting of 300+ employees that aim to support clinical studies globally.

Claudia Wiedemann


  • Wednesday - May 29, 2024 - 14:10

    Leveraging AI to Enhance Clinical Trials


  • Wednesday - May 29, 2024 - 17:00

    Panel Discussion: Advancing Drug Discovery and Patient Care: The Synergy of Emerging Technologies in Pharma-Health Collaboration

    • Why is it important for pharma and healthcare to work together? •
    • The changing patient behaviour in the digital era
    • Why is it essential to be prompt in identifying and addressing the patient’s needs?
    • How will digitization help bring patients on board?
    • Progress made by companies so far
    • Strategies to be adopted to increase patient –company data flow


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