Wednesday - 11th September 2024

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Strengthening Pharmacovigilance Systems and Practices

  • 09:00
  • Improving Drug Safety Through Adverse Event Detection with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative AI

    • The transformative impact of Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the efficiency and accuracy of adverse event detection in pharmacovigilance.
    • How NLP techniques can convert unstructured textual data from sources like medical records, social media, and patient narratives into actionable insights for drug safety monitoring.
    • The challenges, such as data quality and privacy concerns, as well as the opportunities presented by NLP in improving drug safety, including early signal detection and more precise risk assessment.

    Jordi Casanellas

    Jordi Casanellas Head of Language AI

  • 09:25
  • Failure Modes in Pharmacovigilance Systems

    Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper Director, Pharmacovigilance Quality Assurance

  • 09:50
  • Practical considerations for creating a proactive safety and pharmacovigilance plan

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    • Implementing comprehensive and proactive monitoring mechanisms to detect adverse drug reactions and safety signals early, utilizing both traditional and innovative data sourceshurdles in forming a network that includes pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies for improved drug safety monitoring
    • Ensuring that pharmacovigilance teams are well-trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively identify and manage potential safety issues
    • Regularly reviewing and updating the pharmacovigilance plan to incorporate new insights, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, ensuring that the plan remains effective and relevant

  • 10:15
  • The Intersection of Digital Health and Pharmacovigilance for Enhanced Drug Safety

    Daniela Bernardini

    Daniela Bernardini Country Patient Safety Head
    Novartis Italia

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  • Booked for Linguamatics

  • 11:30
  • Creating and Implementing a Global Signal Management Tool

    • Internal and regulatory challenges in managing Pfizer's extensive safety signals portfolio and the innovative system/process implemented to address them.
    • Workflow for signal collection, validation, and communication of validated/evaluated signals and risks to health authorities, including report generation for inspections and PSUR contributions.
    • Advantages and considerations of developing an in-house Signal Management system

    David Jones

    David Jones Director

  • 11:55
  • Leveraging Expertise at PV Affiliates: Enhancing Decision Making through Cross-Functional Collaboration

    Begum Benli Peker

    Begum Benli Peker Head of Patient Safety Netherlands & EU Hub
    Bristol Myers Squibb

  • 12:20
  • Impact of the Harmonisation of PV Regulations in the Post Covid-19 Pandemic Era.

    Kinga Faulkner

    Kinga Faulkner Drug Safety Lead

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  • 13:25
  • Elevating Drug Safety: The Crucial Role of Quality Case Processing in Pharmacovigilance

    Laura Arce Mora

    Laura Arce Mora Senior Country Safety Lead Central America and Caribbean

  • 13:50
  • New challenges for pharmacovigilance: how become a strategic function for business

    Andrea Oliva

    Andrea Oliva Head of pharmacovigilance, Italy

  • 14:15
  • Panel Discussion - Integrated Drug Safety Surveillance Systems: Fostering Collaboration for Enhanced Pharmacovigilance

    • Assessing the benefits and hurdles in forming a network that includes pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies for improved drug safety monitoring
    • Discussing strategies for standardizing data collection, reporting, and analysis across various organizations to ensure consistent and reliable pharmacovigilance
    • Investigating how AI, blockchain, and big data are transforming ADR detection and analysis, increasing the efficiency and precision of pharmacovigilance
    • Emphasizing the need for effective communication and collaboration among patients, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies to establish a trust-based pharmacovigilance system
    • Detailing best practices and essential factors for successful collaborative pharmacovigilance, with a focus on regulatory compliance, data privacy, and cross-sector cooperation

    Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh Vice President, Managing Director Integrated Safety

    Nadia Hussain

    Nadia Hussain PV Operations Manager (Deputy ASR)

    Jordi Casanellas

    Jordi Casanellas Head of Language AI

  • 14:45
  • Diverse Approaches to Communication in Pharmacovigilance: Examining Risk Minimization Measures Across Different Countries

    Nick Nikberg

    Nick Nikberg Senior Patient Safety Specialist

  • 15:10
  • Recharge with Tea or Coffee While Networking

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  • 15:30
  • Auditing Pharmacovigilance Automation

    Sophie Keddie

    Sophie Keddie Compliance Senior Manager

  • 15:55
  • Revolutionizing Signal Detection: Cutting-Edge Techniques and Strategic Breakthroughs

    • Delving into the shortcomings and limitations of conventional signal detection techniques, setting the stage for the need for innovation.
    • Highlighting the latest advancements and novel strategies recently introduced in the field, showcasing their ingenuity and potential.
    • Examining the tangible benefits and improvements these innovative strategies have brought to signal detection studies, demonstrating their effectiveness and value.

    Zina Sadeq

    Zina Sadeq Director, Regional PV & Alliance Management
    Amicus Therapeutics

  • 16:20
  • Mastering Compliance and Best Practices in Drug Safety Monitoring

    • Effective strategies for establishing and maintaining comprehensive adverse event reporting mechanisms, crucial for timely detection and response to drug safety issues.
    • The challenges and strategies for staying compliant with the diverse and evolving pharmacovigilance regulations across different countries and regions.
    • The importance of ongoing training, education, and process evaluation within organizations to ensure adherence to best practices in pharmacovigilance and continual enhancement of drug safety monitoring.

    Marianne Banoub

    Marianne Banoub Regional Head, Pharmacovigialcne and Quality Assurance
    NewBridge Pharmaceuticals

  • 16:45
  • Elevating Pharmacovigilance Systems: Achieving Excellence in Audit and Inspection Readiness

    Valentina Mancini

    Valentina Mancini Senior Director Pharmacovigilance, QPPV
    Shionogi Europe

  • 17:10
  • Case Study on Emerging safety issue management

    Arun Ravindran

    Arun Ravindran Patient Safety Physician - Immunology

  • 17:35
  • Interactive Breakout Round Table Discussion

    All the participants will have a great opportunity to discuss and explore a selection of most interesting topics discussed during the conference in small groups with their industry colleagues in an informal setting.

    • Table 1 - Leveraging Telehealth Innovations for Pharmacovigilance: Exploring how telemedicine platforms and digital health records can enhance adverse event reporting and patient safety monitoring.
    • Table 2 - Advanced Analytics in Signal Detection: Delving into how machine learning and predictive analytics are transforming signal detection in pharmacovigilance.
    • Table 3 - Optimizing Drug Safety with Real-Time Data: Discussing the integration of real-time health data from wearables and mobile apps into pharmacovigilance systems.
    • Table 4 - Global Pharmacovigilance Regulations: Challenges and Convergence: Navigating the differing pharmacovigilance regulations across countries and the push towards regulatory harmonization.
    • Table 5 - Patient Engagement and Empowerment in Pharmacovigilance: Evaluating strategies to improve patient involvement in the reporting of adverse events and drug safety monitoring.
    • Table 6 - Enhancing Pharmacovigilance with Natural Language Processing (NLP): Examining how NLP technologies can improve the extraction and analysis of data from unstructured sources like social media and health forums.

  • 18:05
  • Chair Person's Closing remarks

    End the conference with the Chairperson's closing remarks, summarizing key insights and leaving attendees with final thoughts to inspire ongoing engagement and action.

  • 18:15
  • Networking Drinks Session - Unwind with Evening Drinks and Engaging Conversations

    Wrap up the day with evening drinks and lively conversations. A relaxed setting to network, share insights from the day, and enjoy the company of fellow attendees.


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