Mayssa Aboughannam

Country Safety Team Lead, GCC, Pakistan & Afghanistan - Johnson & Johnson

With over 8 years of experience navigating diverse sectors and functions, Mayssa has become an influential ambassador of Pharmacovigilance in the healthcare system. As the Pharmacovigilance Lead for Johnson & Johnson in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, her mission revolves around solidifying Pharmacovigilance as a strategic partner, both internally and in the broader healthcare landscape. Beyond her corporate role, Mayssa is an active member of a regional pharma industry association “PHARMAG” and have contributed significantly to key healthcare and Pharmacovigilance events. Her engagements range from presenting at the Healthcare Future Summit in Dubai, leading workshops with regional health authorities, to having an influential role at the Lebanese Pharmacovigilance conference. She has also been a champion for workplace diversity, with noteworthy leadership initiatives at JNJ Middle East. Academically, Mayssa holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Pharm D, and Master’s in Industrial Pharmacy. She is further certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Certified Quality Manager/Organizational Excellence, and holds a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma from the American Society Quality Academy. Currently, she 's pursuing a Global MBA at the Lebanese American University.

Mayssa Aboughannam


  • Wednesday - November 1, 2023 - 15:00

    Panel Discussion - Collaborative Approaches to Pharmacovigilance: Integrating Systems for Effective Safety Monitoring and Risk Management

    • The benefits and challenges of integrating pharmacovigilance systems across different organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and healthcare providers.
    • Strategies for developing standardized processes and data sharing agreements to improve collaboration and streamline pharmacovigilance activities
    • The role of technology in facilitating collaborative approaches to pharmacovigilance, such as using AI and machine learning to automate ADR detection and analysis.
    • The importance of stakeholder engagement and communication in building trust and fostering collaboration among different organizations involved in pharmacovigilance
    • Best practices for successful implementation of collaborative pharmacovigilance initiatives

  • Thursday - November 2, 2023 - 10:50

    Unlocking Patient Potential in Pharmacovigilance



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