Robert Di Giovanni

Global Project Safety Lead - Novartis

Robert is medical doctor by training and worked in hospitals several years before joining industry approx. 25 years ago. He worked in clinical development both on the fields and in big pharma headquarter before he joined Pharmacovigilance 15 years ago. He worked in different therapeutic areas – cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious disease – as global safety lead of multiple products, both pre-market and post-market phases including both medicinal product, medical devices and combination products. He has strong interest in innovation including new therapies and new digital tools to support both patients and pharmacovigilance professionals. Recently he focused on handling patient data collected via digital tools and published 2 papers on this topic, where regulation is not crystall clear. In spare time he is interested in artificial intelligence and its potential use in pharmaco- devicevigilance daily work. He loves being active in nature, spends time with hiking, jogging and swimming

Robert Di Giovanni


  • Wednesday - November 23, 2022 - 10:45

    Impact of AI & Machine learning on Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

    • Ever expanding data and its safety
    • Importance and application of AI
    • Improving speed, accuracy and reliability using AI

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