Marcin Von Grotthuss

Associate Director, Machine Learning - Takeda

Associate Director of Machine Learning with 20 years of experience executing multidisciplinary translational projects, including 8 years contribution to pioneering research on the analysis of clinical, molecular, and genomic data for drug development and safety evaluation for rare and common diseases, and precision medicine applications, initially, at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and, currently, at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Marcin von Grotthuss received a Ph.D. in bioinformatics at Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, and gained professional experiences at Sanford-Burnham Institute (La Jolla), University of Washington (Seattle), Harvard University, University of Cambridge (UK), University of California Irvine, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Marcin Von Grotthuss


  • Tuesday - November 22, 2022 - 17:30

    Safety-Radar: towards autonomous reasoning in investigative toxicology. Including patients' genetics data in assessments of adverse events

    • Architecture of Safety-Radar – a system for evaluating drug safety.
    • The platform will support automated reasoning and serendipitous discovery of new 'facts' or interesting and testable hypotheses
    • Strategies of how to integrate and provide high-value AI-ready data sources and how to develop (semi) autonomous reasoning agents.

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