Mike Isles

Executive Director - Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines

Mike is the Executive Director for the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (www.asop.eu). Its mission is to enable patients to buy their medicines online safely – where it is legal to do so. ASOP EU collaborates strongly with ASOP Global and its members and observers involve many key internet stakeholders. Its aim is to facilitate and campaign for new legislation as well as concrete voluntary actions that will make a real difference and ultimately benefit the health and safety of patients. Mike is also Executive Director of the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (www.eaasm.eu), a pan-European non-profit (CIC) patient safety organisation. The EAASM is the secretariat for a major medication error and traceability project, entitled the European Collaborative Action on Medication Errors and Traceability (ECAMET), its White Paper calls for action by the EU institutions to enhance digitalisation and traceability systems in the hospital area which have been proven to dramatically reduce medication errors. The EAASM also advocates alongside the Nanomedicine Regulatory Coalition for the development of a robust and harmonised EU regulatory framework to protect patients and guarantee the safety, quality and efficacy of innovative nanomedicines and nanosimilars. It also campaigns for the safer use of unlicensed/off-label medicines. and the exclusion of falsified and substandard medicines from the supply chain.

Mike Isles


  • Thursday - March 14, 2024 - 10:25

    Panel discussion: Anti-counterfeiting and supply chain security - A scalable and future-proof system to battle counterfeiting

    • How will the future technologies be used in the supply chain: IoT, Analytics, Blockchain, AI and others?
    • Product identification and traceability solutions which can adapt to market changes and comply with serialization regulations in different countries
    • Building an interconnectivity across the supply chain
    • Planning and executing a sustainable strategy for the cost-effective implementation and driving ROI

  • Thursday - March 14, 2024 - 16:00

    The Digital Services Act and other European initiatives - will they make the Internet a safer place to buy medicines?



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