Maryam A. Babba

Multistakeholder Manager/ Program Lead in PPP (Sustainable Development Consultant-Health) - TDi Sustainability

Dr. Maryam Babba, Ph.D., is an accomplished consultant leading the Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator (CiPPPA), a not-for-profit initiative focused on recycling primary pharmaceutical packaging waste and medical devices. With expertise in Clinical Research, Safety Pharmacology, and Biotechnology, she drives innovation and collaboration across healthcare projects. As the Multistakeholder Project Manager, she oversees CiPPPA's PMO function, fostering peer-to-peer learning and discussions on packaging circularity and coordinating the action task forces. Dr. Babba's commitment extends to advancing equitable access, education, community empowerment, and sustainability. Set to share valuable insights on pharmaceutical sustainability at the upcoming conference, showcasing dedication to promoting sustainability within the industry.

Maryam A. Babba


  • Thursday - March 14, 2024 - 16:30

    Delivering nationwide solutions for problematic healthcare packaging


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