David Fairnie

Principal Consultant - Supply Chain Risk Management and Resilience - EMEA - BSI

David Fairnie


  • Wednesday - March 13, 2024 - 11:50

    Optimizing Supply Chain Resilience: A Focus on Traceability

    In the fast-paced global market, the resilience of supply chains hinges on traceability, a critical strategy that ensures transparency, security, and sustainability from origin to consumer. BSI's insights into traceability unveil its role in risk management and as a catalyst for revolutionising logistics and bolstering consumer trust. Despite the technological and logistical challenges, advancements in blockchain, IoT, and AI are breaking new ground, offering unparalleled transparency and efficiency. This presentation will dissect how traceability is not merely a tool but a cornerstone for modern supply chains, demonstrating through real-world examples how businesses are navigating complexities to enhance resilience, mitigate risks, and drive sustainability, proving that traceability is the linchpin of supply chain optimisation in today's dynamic trade environment.


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