Tuesday - 28th May 2024

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  • Registration & Refreshments

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  • Welcome Address & Chairperson’s opening remarks

    Begin your conference journey with a warm welcome from our esteemed Chairperson

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

  • 09:00
  • Growing trends in clinical trials: Agility, Sustainability, Diversity and Predictability

    Cem Asma

    Cem Asma Team Agility Lead

  • 09:25
  • Integrating Blockchain into clinical research

    Jose Manuel Cervera Grau

    Jose Manuel Cervera Grau Executive Director
    Eli Lilly

  • 09:50
  • Digital Transformation of Clinical Trials: Innovative Protocol Design and Strategic Approaches

    Haneen Njoum

    Haneen Njoum Senior Data Scientist

  • 10:15
  • Sustainability by Design in Clinical Trials – Why sustainability matters for patients and for business resilience

    Carly Santer

    Carly Santer Strategic Initiatives Project Leader & Sustainability Activator

  • 10:40
  • Business Card Exchange with Morning Coffee/Tea & Discussion



  • 10:50
  • Topic to be Announced

    Speaker TBC

    Speaker TBC Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC)

Patient Recruitment & Site Selection

  • 11:20
  • Site Selection Excellence: Matching Capabilities to Trial Needs

    • Criteria for selecting sites with the right patient demographics and technological capabilities.
    • The benefits of site and investigator networks to streamline multi-site trials.
    • Assessing and improving site performance through training and support in patient recruitment strategies.

    Dex Bilkic

    Dex Bilkic Director, Alliance Management

  • 11:50
  • Monitoring and Quality Assurance in site selection and patient recruitment to optimize clinical trials

    • Site pre-assessment and selection
    • Ensure patient protection and to deliver high quality data
    • Quality assurance can at times be difficult as regulatory requirements, standards and access to care differ globally – How are we going to handle this?

  • 12:20
  • Advanced Analytic Technologies for Patient Recruitment Planning and Trial Optimization

    Volodymyr Anisimov

    Volodymyr Anisimov Data Science Associate Director, Data Science, Centre for Design & Analysis

  • 12:50
  • Luncheon & Networking - Explore, Engage with Your Peers, and Connect at Our Exhibitor Booths



  • 13:30
  • Sponsor centric to Patient centric framework - Improving patient recruitment & enhancing their involvement

    • Patient recruitment and engagement tools
    • Challenges and Barriers – How to overcome it?
    • New models will have to emerge to support data sharing while protecting patient privacy
    • How to tackle the lack of regulatory guidance?

  • 14:00
  • Patient-Centric Approaches to Site Selection and Recruitment

    • What will persuade and impact the patient?
    • Is there anything pharma can provide for a trial member that will increase the value of participation?
    • The aim of patient-driven clinical trials is to diminish the burden of participation by making the participant journey as convenient and pleasant as possible
    • Utilize fitting procedures and techniques to limit dropouts without, in any capacity, constraining a patient to remain in the study

    Mohammed Naja

    Mohammed Naja Associate Director North Region, Clinical Site Management

  • 14:30
  • Panel discussion: Critical Success Factors while Planning for Site Selection and Patient Recruitment

    • Discover sites with a demonstrated track record of good execution in trials
    • Study and site staff with solid certifications to expand the likelihood of powerful enrolment and an effective trial.
    • Factors such as disease prevalence rates, treatment practices, regulatory requirements and statistical considerations must be considered.
    • Access to subject population with the required eligibility criteria
    • Network within industries

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

    Volodymyr Anisimov

    Volodymyr Anisimov Data Science Associate Director, Data Science, Centre for Design & Analysis

Patient Centricity & Patient Engagement

  • 15:00
  • EU-PEARL: An EU patient-centric clinical trial platform

    Nadir Ammour

    Nadir Ammour Global Lead, Clinical Innovation & External Partnership

  • 15:30
  • Recharge with Tea or Coffee While Networking



  • 15:50
  • Patient Engagement in Clinical Development - A look at what the UK are doing to bring patients to the forefront of study design

    Alex Hammond

    Alex Hammond Business Development Manager

  • 16:20
  • Patient Involvement and Patient Reported Outcomes. Does it make a difference?

    Regine Buffels

    Regine Buffels Principal Global Medical Affairs Director
    Hoffmann-La Roche

  • 16:50
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Patient-Centricity in Clinical Trials - Embedding a patient-centric approach to clinical trial design

    • How to integrate patient feedback into clinical trial design effectively.
    • The role of digital health technologies in enhancing patient engagement and experience.
    • Strategies for maintaining communication and trust with participants throughout the trial.
    • The impact of patient-centric approaches on trial outcomes and drug development timelines.
    • Ethical considerations and data privacy in a patient-centered model.

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

    Nadir Ammour

    Nadir Ammour Global Lead, Clinical Innovation & External Partnership

    Sophie Wintrich

    Sophie Wintrich Chief Executive
    MDS UK Patient Support Group

  • 17:20
  • Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations collaborating on Clinical Trial Optimization

    Viraj Rajadhyaksha

    Viraj Rajadhyaksha Area Medical Director

  • 17:50
  • Interactive Breakout Round Table Discussion

    All the participants will have a great opportunity to discuss and explore a selection of most interesting topics discussed during the conference in small groups with their industry colleagues in an informal setting.

    Table 1 - Revolutionizing Patient Recruitment: Strategies for Today’s Digital World 
    Exploring the intersection of digital marketing, social media, and patient advocacy in enhancing recruitment efficiency. 

    Table 2 - Mastering the Art of Site Selection: Balancing Technology, Geography, and Patient Access 
    Delving into the criteria and tools that can optimize site selection for diverse and technologically advanced clinical trials. 

    Table 3 - Harnessing Data Science: The New Frontier in Trial Design and Real-World Evidence 
    Discussing the transformative potential of big data analytics, AI, and real-world evidence in the design and execution of clinical trials. 

    Table 4 - The Evolving Landscape of Clinical Trial Regulations: Global Perspectives and Harmonization 
    Navigating the complexities of international regulatory environments and striving for a harmonized approach to global clinical trials. 

    Table 5- Patient-Centricity in Clinical Trials: More Than Just a Buzzword? 
    Evaluating the real-world application of patient-centric approaches in trial design, conduct, and outcomes.

    Table 6- Innovation in Trial Monitoring and Quality Assurance: Risk-Based Approaches and Beyond 
    Examining the latest methodologies in risk-based monitoring, quality by design, and the role of clinical auditing in ensuring trial integrity.

  • 18:20
  • Chairperson’s Closing Remark

  • 18:30
  • Networking Drinks Session - Unwind with Evening Drinks and Engaging Conversations


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