Nikita Sharma

Global Clinical Sciences & Operations Innovation Manager - UCB

Nikita Sharma


  • Wednesday - May 29, 2024 - 09:25

    Clinical trial decentralisation: why it matters?

    • The challenges of decentralisation for clinical trials
    • How to ensure appropriate standards and protocols in a decentralised clinical trial environment
    • Potential barriers to the adoption of decentralised clinical trials and how to overcome them

  • Wednesday - May 29, 2024 - 17:20

    Panel Discussion – Breaking Silos, Building Bridges: Fostering Collaborative Ecosystems in Clinical Research

    • Exploring the dynamics and benefits of partnerships between biotech firms, pharma, academia, and healthcare providers.
    • Strategies for involving patients and the public in the research process to ensure studies are aligned with patient needs and societal expectations.
    • The importance of collaboration in conducting large-scale, multi-national trials, especially in the face of global health crises.
    • The need for regulatory agencies to work together to streamline approval processes while ensuring patient safety.


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