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Wednesday - May 10, 12:15 - 12:40

Pioneering AI for community engagement, operations, and diversity in research

Amber Hill, Founder and CEO


Dr Amber Hill is the Founder and CEO of the VC-backed start-up, Research Grid Ltd, which intelligently streamlines clinical trials and community engagement from months to minutes.


Amber's one of the few people in the world with expertise in end-to-end medical research, global patient engagement, and AI software systems. She is passionate about eliminating unnecessary inefficiency and inaccessibility in medical research.


Amongst other accomplishments, she has impacted the industry with smart technology that helps clients to support more than 14 pharmaceutical companies, with network expansion of 60 thousand diverse community groups, and 780 million members, spanning over 2 thousand health conditions globally.


Her company, Research Grid, has shown a 145 percent increase in engagement, a 98 percent increase in efficiency, and a 45 percent decrease in costs.

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