Rebecca Jackson

Sr. Mgr. Clinical R&D Innovation & Novel Modalities IT - Janssen Pharmaceutical

Rebecca Jackson’s career spans 17 years in the clinical research industry predominantly within pharmaceutical R&D with focus on innovative technologies and novel trial modalities.  Rebecca has extensive experience gained from sponsor, vendor and CRO perspectives and is an industry recognized expert in RTSM, point and platform clinical technologies, digital health innovation and more recently, decentralized clinical trials.  An active participant across several industry groups, research collaborations and international initiatives, Rebecca works across multiple therapeutic areas and in global public health and is a Janssen expert for enabling clinical trials in resource limited settings.


A self-confessed science aficionado, Rebecca’s clinical career began in 2005 when she accidentally got a job in clinical drug development and promptly fell in love with it.  Since then, Rebecca has spent her career almost exclusively in the field of clinical trial technology and innovation, assisting sponsors and patients in getting the most from their clinical trials. Currently in her dissertation year of a master’s in clinical Trials, in her spare time Rebecca trains giant breed canines, enjoys country roads on her super-sport motorcycle and makes delicious tiers of cupcakes for weddings and events.

Rebecca Jackson


  • Wednesday - September 21, 2022 - 09:50

    Deploying a DCT in Europe – learnings from the IMI Trials@Home Initiative


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