Wednesday - 21st September 2022 (Time Zone - BST) - Virtual Conference

  • 09:30
  • Welcome Address & Platform Orientation - Orientation will focus on how to access and navigate the virtual conference platform for Live Sessions & Interactive Networking

  • 09:40
  • Chairperson’s opening remarks

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

  • 09:50
  • Deploying a DCT in Europe – learnings from the IMI Trials@Home Initiative

    Rebecca Jackson

    Rebecca Jackson Sr. Mgr. Clinical R&D Innovation & Novel Modalities IT
    Janssen Pharmaceutical

  • 10:15
  • How better engage HCPs and patient through digital tools ?

    Stefania Alvino

    Stefania Alvino Omnichannel Marketing Manager & Digital Orchestrator
    Daiichi Sankyo Italia S.p.A

  • 10:40
  • How the World Health Organization’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) is improving research transparency globally.

    Ghassan Karam

    Ghassan Karam Project Manager
    World Health Organization

  • 11:05
  • Building patient-centric early phase clinical trials

    • The current state of standardization and reuse of datasets
    • The impact of interoperability and reusable data researcher workflow, drug development timelines and patient experience

    Floris Morang

    Floris Morang Director of Business Development

    Iain Little

    Iain Little Team Head IRT Management

Patient Recruitment & Site Selection

  • 11:30
  • Situationally Adaptive Trials - Ukraine Crisis

    Francis Crawley

    Francis Crawley Executive Director
    Good Clinical Practice Alliance - Europe (GCPA)

  • 11:55
  • Advanced analytic technologies for predictive modelling and optimizing patient recruitment in clinical trials

    • Analytic modelling and forecasting patient recruitment
    • Optimal operational design, sites/countries selection given costs & time constraints
    • Data-driven re-projection and optimal adjustment of recruitment to increase probability to meet target
    • Centralized statistical monitoring and detecting unusual data patterns
    • Predicting some operational characteristics

    Vladimir Anisimov

    Vladimir Anisimov Principal Data Scientist, Data Science, Center for Design & Analysis

  • 12:20
  • Virtual Luncheon & Networking - Visit Exhibitor Booths & Network with your peers in our Lounge (Face to Face Video Chats)



  • 13:00
  • True Global Diversity in our Trials: Africa is Ready

    Shalom Lloyd

    Shalom Lloyd Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

    Tina Barton

    Tina Barton Chief Operating Officer

  • 13:25
  • Trials and Observational Studies

    • How can observational data help RCTs?
    • In what situation can real world studies replace RCTs?   
    • Role of synthetic control arms for one-arm trials
    • Data sources
    • Case studies

    Nawab Qizilbash

    Nawab Qizilbash Clinical Epidemiologist & Head of OXON
    OXON Epidemiology

  • 13:50
  • Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations collaborating on Clinical Trial Optimization

    Eva Gallagher

    Eva Gallagher Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs
    Agios Pharmaceuticals

  • 14:15
  • Panel discussion: Effective patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials to boost trial success

    • What will persuade and impact the patient?
    • Is there anything pharma can provide for a trial member that will increase the value of participation?
    • The aim of patient-driven clinical trials is to diminish the burden of participation by making the participant journey as convenient and pleasant as possible
    • Utilize fitting procedures and techniques to limit dropouts without, in any capacity, constraining a patient to remain in the study
    • Utilize wider use of the innovative statistical and Machine Learning techniques to provide more accurate data-driven forecasting and centralized monitoring of patient recruitment

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

    Vladimir Anisimov

    Vladimir Anisimov Principal Data Scientist, Data Science, Center for Design & Analysis

    Carole Scrafton

    Carole Scrafton Patient & Health Advocate

    Lauren Bataille

    Lauren Bataille Head, Digital Medical Capabilities

    Obiageli  Onwusaka

    Obiageli Onwusaka Director, Biostatistics

  • 14:45
  • Feasibility in clinical trials - the main ingredients

    • Importance of conducting feasibility
    • The stages of clinical trial feasibility
    • Feasibility challenges

    Dex Bilkic

    Dex Bilkic Senior Manager, Site Engagement

Patient Centricity & Patient Engagement

  • 15:10
  • Bringing the patient voice in the design of clinical trials: why, when and how

    Lea Proulx

    Lea Proulx Patient Voice Partner

  • 15:35
  • Visit Virtual Exhibitor Booths/Speed Networking at our Exclusive Lounge (Face to Face Video chat with Exhibitors and other attendees)



  • 15:50
  • Integrating the Patient Voice into Medical Product Development: Opportunities and Applications for the Use of Patient Experience Data

    Jessica Abel

    Jessica Abel Director, Patient Experience Data Policy and Best Practices

  • 16:15
  • Patient Engagement in Clinical Development - A look at what the UK are doing to bring patients to the forefront of study design

    Alex Hammond

    Alex Hammond Business Development Manager
    NIHR Clinical Research Network

    Kim Down

    Kim Down Business Development Manager
    National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR)

  • 16:40
  • The Integration of Patient-Centricity Across the Lifecycle of Treatment Development

    This talk provides a broad view of the rapidly developing landscape of Patient-Centricity in Clinical Research. The audience will learn about a variety of initiatives aimed at improving and accelerating clinical research through collaboration with patients, advocates and their communities.

    • Explore research measuring and evaluating the "Return on Engagement" financial and efficiency value of Patient Centric activities
    • Review key regulatory developments in support of Patient Centered Research
    • Gain insights from the largest global survey on patient and public perceptions and experience in clinical research
    • Examine concrete examples of Patient Centered Research programs and project

    Behtash Bahador

    Behtash Bahador Director, Health Literacy

  • 17:05
  • What are the benefits of using multi stakeholder approaches, in research, from the patient perspective

    • Why are multi-stakeholder approaches needed and important?
    • Leveraging collaboration to address patients’ needs and challenges
    • The impact of multi-stakeholder approaches on reducing patient burden
    • Patient experience and perspective taking part in multi-stakeholder initiatives

    Carole Scrafton

    Carole Scrafton Patient & Health Advocate

    Hayley Chapman

    Hayley Chapman Senior Program Director
    The Synergist

  • 17:30
  • Quality by Design - what you need to know

    • When/where is it needed
    • What is QbD
    • How to implement

    William Lawton

    William Lawton Consultant
    Risk Based Approach Ltd

  • 17:55
  • Panel discussion: The patient's perspective: why their voice is so important in clinical research

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

    Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest-Pomfret

    Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest-Pomfret International patient advocate
    World Federation for Incontinent Patients - WFIP

    Melissa Penn

    Melissa Penn Director, Patient Engagement R&D

    Jost Leemhuis

    Jost Leemhuis Safety Science Partner and Global Business Lead

  • 18:25
  • Chairperson’s closing remarks

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess

    Nancy Meyerson-Hess Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer

  • 18:30
  • Networking - Catch-up with your peers in social lounge


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