David Camacho-Trujillo

CEO - GeneHolistics

I am an Intra and Entrepreneur Systems Biologist with broad and large (+15 years') experience in applying artificial intelligence and Data Science to Biomedical problems. My bachelor's formation is as Chemist, Biologist, and Pharmacist, while my Master's and Ph.D.'s are in applying Artificial intelligence for biomedicine at Heidelberg University in Germany.   

I´ve shown my innovative vision by bringing 20 years ago to Germany what nowadays is part of Deep Learning, and further developing it into an entire platform for the systematic (automatization) of both, Modelling and Simulation (nowadays called digital twin) and Translational (reverse engineering) medicine. This won for the first time in the German Cancer Research Center, the "Intramurales Förderungsprogramm" and is the subject of a patent application. 

As a scientist, I have worked in Nation level centers as the German Cancer Research Center (8, years at DKFZ), Center for medical genetics (Belgium) and the Chemistry Institute (Mexico). At the industry, I have worked in Biotech companies as Genedata (Switzerland), IDBS (U.K.) and Molecular Health (Germany); as well as large consortiums such as the pharmaceutical company Bayer (Germany), and the SAS Institute (Germany). Finally, as an Entrepreneur, I founded and lead my Startup GeneHolistics (Germany).

David Camacho-Trujillo


  • Wednesday - May 10, 2023 - 13:20

    Automatization of AI personalize modeling of multi-modal data integration, analysis, and decision making



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