Aldir Medeiros Filho

Former Senior Project Manager - Data Sciences Department - Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe Ltd

Over 25-year experience working with clinical operations project management worldwide. Over the last years engaged in a journey towards Clinical Data Sciences with the objective to help create bridges across the constellation of pharma industry’s RD departments working in clinical program development & clinical trials intending to use Big Data, RWD and ML.

Aldir Medeiros Filho


  • Thursday - May 11, 2023 - 10:50

    A RBM PoC project to assess suitability of RWD as RWE for CTs

    • Tool set: triad python & pandas & Google Collab
    • Population: 7 million (295 cities)/32 variables
    • 27 monthly iterations so far
    • 08 governmental open-source datasets
    • Challenges and learnings using the triad as a ClinOps managerial tool for CTs.
    • Challenges and learnings for feasibility studies of clinical program development & CTs intending to use RWD and/or Machine Learning.



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