Conference Overview

Digi-Tech Pharma 2017


Gone are the days when pharma companies were associated with just selling the drugs. With more competitions, a revolution in healthcare, and an increase in general public understanding of health, pharma companies are trying hard to keep up with the changing technologies in the pharma IT domain. About 70% of patients use the internet to obtain information on health, treatment regime, drug safety and efficacy. This certainly imposes a threat that patients may reject a drug or treatment they consider expensive and not effective. It is thus inevitable to disregard this changing environment. Cloud computing, Internet of things, Big data and translational Informatics are transforming the world and pharma industries not immune to this change. The pharma has been relatively in moving from business-to-business model to a business-to- consumer model, though few have finally accepted this trend and has been making progress in the digital transformation to bring the consumers closer them. But there still exists numerous challenges that the companies have to face during this transformation. There is still an uncertainty about the success of digitization. Unless the pharma companies are able to come up with strategies to keep up with the digital revolution in pharma information technology, they may lose the market and customer base to new innovative entrants in the field. In order to retain your customers pharmaceutical meetings or pharmaceutical conferences like this are playing a vital role in taking pharmaceutical information technology to the next level.

Digi-Tech Pharma 2017(Pharmaceutical technology conference 2017), will provide a platform to all its participants an opportunity to interact, share and discuss the digitalization of Pharma industry. Digi-Tech Pharma 2017(Pharmaceutical conferences 2017) will allow its participants to discuss the various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas in the field of digital pharma IT. Also, to stay updated on the latest trends in digital, social media and mobile strategies required the overcome the obstructions in the transformation. This Digi-Tech Pharma is a unique platform in the Pharmaceutical Conferences which will allow IT leaders to share their technologies and strategies to help the pharma industries. In the Pharma events 2017, the Digi-Tech Pharma will offer opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations.

It gives us a great pleasure to welcoming you to this international Digital pharma conference of 2017, The DIGI-TECH PHARMA 2017.

Key Highlights

  • Digitally enabled business models
  • Big data analytics and pharma
  • Internet of things and pharma
  • Translational Informatics
  • Policy changes required for ensuring smooth transition
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance during the transformation
  • Digital marketing trends
  • Integrating Multichannel marketing and closed loop marketing
  • Digitalization of R& D using Big Data and IoT
  • New smart devices in manufacturing and supply chain
  • Clinical trials and digital world
  • Data management
  • Tools and strategies to engage with HCPs and patients and to win their confidence
  • Encouraging a customer–centric approach at all levels
  • Unrealized innovative potentials of digital era that pharma needs to focus on

Who should attend the conference

Pharmaceutical Conferences 2017

This event is designed for senior level attendees from various companies including pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biopharmaceutical, CRO’s, Diagnostics, solution provider and government institutions.

Attendees includes VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads and Managers of

  • Drug Delivery Innovation
  • R&D IT
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Digital innovative strategic planning
  • Regulatory and pharmacovigilance
  • IT Strategy
  • Real-World Data
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Integrity and Governance
  • Data Sciences
  • Clinical trials and data management
  • Translational informatics
  • Data storage and analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Systems
  • Contract outsourcing service providers
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare IT
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Pharma sales and Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multi-channel Management


There are plenty of opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader & showcase your company.

For enquiries on speaker opportunities please e-mail to [email protected]

Tuesday - 25th April 2017


  • 08:30
  • Registration & Refreshments

  • 09:20
  • Chairperson's opening remarks

    Evjatar (Evi) Cohen Vice President, Global Pharma & Life Sciences, Appian


  • 09:30
  • An integrated digital strategy : How far have we reached and the path forward?

    • Progresses made towards digital transformation: Was it a smooth ride?
    • Challenges conquered by the industry
    • Digitally enabled business models
    • Learning from other industries and verticals

    Tim Cave VP-Head Strategic Planning and Digital Practices,
    Global Medical Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline (UK)

  • 10:00
  • Transforming the organization by transforming to digital: A tough road ahead….

    • Company leadership and transformation
    • Need for communication specialists and up-to-date technologies
    • Hiring digital experts and collaborations
    • The need to be really quick in transforming at every level

    Carla ArrietaCorporate Communications Specialist, Roche Diabetes Care (Spain)

  • 10:30
  • Morning Coffee/Tea & Networking

  • 10:50
  • How digital are Payers? What resonates with payers when it comes to digital? Drawing parallels..

    • The healthcare systems are undergoing a digital transformation that is materially impacting the way Payers evaluate medications, services and technologies. Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to their changing needs to continue to be successful. How can businesses in healthcare articulate value of digital to Payers with relevant evidence?

    Nadeem Ashraf,Digital Lead for Medical Affairs & PRA – Europe & Canada,
    Eli Lilly and Company (UK)

  • 11:20
  • A road towards digitally transformed Pharmacovigilance

    • What are the barriers that industry are facing today? – and where are the Regulators?
    • Will big data / digital health and cognitive computing improve patient safety?
    • How will a digitally transformed future shape the relationship between stakeholders?

    Martin Holm-Petersen,Head of pvtech, Navitas Life Sciences (Denmark)

  • 11:50
  • The Global Technology Outlook and its impact on the pharma industry

    Peter Waggett,Director Emerging Technology, IBM (UK)

  • 12:20
  • Digitally enabled psychological interventions to improve outcomes in long term physical and mental health conditions

    Stephanie Ruskin,Strategic Programme Manager, Ieso Digital Health

  • 12:50
  • Networking luncheon

    Digitalization and R & D

  • 13:30
  • The role of Appian applications in Angelini's digital revolution

    • The quest for speed, control and simplicity.
    • Threats and opportunities of adopting the Agile methodology to manage projects in Research and Regulatory Area.
    • Benefits gained and lessons learnt from the digitalization of key processes: Clinical Trials, Regulatory process and marketing promotional materials internationally.

    Luca GiacconiDemand Manager Business Information Solution, Angelini Spa

  • Streamlining and Digitizing Research Workflows

    • Improving Research Productivity and reducing cycle time
    • The importance of enhancing scientific experimental collaboration
    • Streamlining of R&D labs operations
    • Novel IT solutions and BPM

    Mahesh KulkarniGlobal ITS Business Partner, Sanofi ITS R&D

  • 14:00
  • So you think you know your patients' journey?

    • The Patient Journey has become a must-have asset among pharma brands.
    • But regulatory barriers has kept Pharmas from going beyond theory and accessing patients' REAL LIFE journeys.
    • For example, 90% of patient-marketing budgets are spent on the wrong leads, with pharmas having no access to their medical and behavioral profiles.
    • New Artificial Intelligence technology, regulatory pathway and patient communication technique grant pharmas with knowledge of patients' everyday behaviors and enables them to be there for every patient at the right moment.

    Yishai KnobelCEO, HelpAround Medical

  • 14:30
  • Challenges in Big data and digital health transformation and the way forward

    • Reluctance to adopt digital in R & D
    • Breaking the age old conservative habits of pharma
    • Data integration
    • Creating digitally empowered work force

    Jonathan Sheldon,Global Vice President,Health Sciences, Oracle (UK)

  • 15:00
  • Afternoon Tea/Coffee

  • 15:30
  • The Purist, The Pragmatist and the Regulator : Getting fit for Digital

    Experiences of redesigning an iterative test approach within large pharma to enable digital innovation. Tales of tribes, rituals and change across technology and business teams when transforming from cost saving, back office focus to customer centric value driven delivery.

    • Building cultural bridges and breaking down silos across the teams.
    • Tackling process complexity and achieving simplification within a risk averse environment.
    • Being resourceful with knowledge and data you have then building alliances to fill the gaps.

    Theresa PullenGlobal Tech Exec & Business Partner.(Europe).
    (Former Director IT Global Operations Management, MSD)

  • 16:00
  • Panel discussion: With huge data reserve and unparalleled flow of information are we jeopardizing patient privacy and confidentiality

    • Impact of IoT and Cloud on clinical research
    • Obstacle and complexities involved especially from the patient point of view.
    • How do we balance transparency, free flow of data and patient privacy? Where do we draw the line?

    Evjatar (Evi) Cohen (MODERATOR) Vice President, Global Pharma & Life Sciences, Appian

    Anand Das,Regional Client Partner, Pfizer (UK)

    Martin Holm-Petersen,Head of pvtech, Navitas Life Sciences (Denmark)

    Raj Bandaru,Senior Director Data Sciences Strategy, Sanofi

  • 16:50
  • Chairperson’s closing remarks

    Evjatar (Evi) Cohen Vice President, Global Pharma & Life Sciences, Appian

  • 17:00
  • Networking Drinks Session

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I enjoyed it and had interesting feedback from other participants too.

Elia Stupka

Director, Genomics and Computational Biology
Boehringer Ingelheim

We were very happy to attend Digi-Tech and were very happy with the organization. We look forward for future events.

Geraldine JUGE

Administrative & Operations Assistant
HighPoint Solutions

The event was organized by Corvus Global Events and proved to be a very well choreographed event. The content was very timely and fresh, and the organizers enlisted a solid faculty of industry experts. The program was both highly informative as well as provided ample opportunities for networking. Very positive experience all around.

Evjatar (Evi) Cohen, Vice President, Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Appian


Digital transformation has the largest impact on pharma, and pharma executives shouldn’t dismiss the opportunities it would bring. Taking part in this event as a speaker, exchanging ideas and learning from the other eye-opening cases was a real inspiration. Digi-Tech Pharma is one of the top pharma dedicated inspirational events, which you would not want to miss.

Pelin Icil, National Sales Manager - Rotational Role, Bayer Pharmaceuticals



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