Conference Overview

The Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World Summit is back in London for the 6th time, and this time with more focus on optimizing your supply chain challenges to ensure an agile, responsive, streamlined and secured supply chain. The pharmaceutical supply chains are facing a significant challenge in the form of counterfeit drugs that are entering the supply chain from various points at different levels. Pharmaceutical companies that adopt an effective serialisation program have end-to-end visibility and traceability for all of their packaging, labelling, and distribution. This enables them to rapidly identify and quarantine counterfeit products. This helps to protect patients, consumers worldwide, brand equity, reputations and the company's revenue stream by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for serialisation of medicines in emerging markets. The rise of the digital supply chain has been accompanied by an ever-increasing number of regulations that have accelerated its development and adoption. Years ago, the pharmaceutical supply chain regulated only manufacturing and distribution. However, with a rise in economic impact of counterfeit drugs on society, there have been attempts to improve serialisation processes even further.

In spite of past obstacles, innovations like IoT, AI and ML (and Blockchain) have led us into an exciting era of digitization within our industry. Data-driven algorithms and analytics will transform the pharmaceutical supply chain, helping it become more intuitive. With AI's predictive power combined with ML capabilities to analyse data in a speedy fashion, pharma companies can use this information towards making smarter decisions that lead to greater success throughout all stages of their operations. Combining AI with other advanced technologies, such as blockchain, can create a system that is immutable and transparent. This will also allow for the security of products to be improved in the long run by shielding from counterfeit drugs or substandard medicines.


Corvus Global Events invites you to Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2024 - Supply-Chain, Anti-Counterfeiting, Drug Serialization and Packaging & Labelling Conference, which will have Pharma industry experts sharing various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas, the conference will also offer opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations. In this conference you’ll not only discover innovative technologies, transformation strategies and collaboration methods, but how best to implement them to optimise your supply chain processes and strategies for drug anti-counterfeiting.


It gives us a great pleasure to welcoming you to the Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2024.


  • Streamlining your supply chain
  • End to End supply chain visibility
  • Designing an optimal supply chain network
  • Strategies for drug anti-counterfeiting in global supply chain and improving security through an interlinked supply chain strategy
  • Developing a sustainable Serialization strategy
  • Integration of track & trace solutions in production and supply chain
  • Smart Packaging, Labelling and Artwork
  • Warehouse & Logistics 
  • Serialization Data and Analytics driven approach to increase supply chain agility
  • Adoption of Blockchain in pharma supply chain
  • Intelligent Automation enabling Industry 4.0
  • The need to understand and adopt new technologies like IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Effective Authentication Technologies
  • Best selection of tamper-evident features
  • Brand Protection & Securing supply chain integrity
  • Global enterprise level solutions for anti-counterfeiting
  • Tackling pharmaceutical crime - initiatives at multinational, EU and national level
  • IP and regulatory enforcement
  • Synchrony of the Pharma Industry and professional bodies against counterfeiting
  • Understanding and meeting the needs of DSCSA, EU FMD and other global regulations
  • Strategies for public awareness and patient protection
  • Best practices to protect your brand
  • The role of the Internet in aiding the counterfeiters – How to overcome the situation?
  • How Pharma Industry and professional bodies are fighting against counterfeiting
  • Developing a RMP for your supply chain to protect your Brand, Product and Patient Safety
  • Case study: How companies are structuring their counterfeiting efforts and departments?



Attendees include GMs, VPs, Directors, Heads and Managers of:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
  • Supply Chain management companies
  • Serialization, Track and Trace solution providers
  • Packaging & labelling
  • Authentication technology suppliers
  • Operations/Portfolio management
  • Production process
  • Quality/Compliance Management
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Digital Innovation (Block Chain, AI, ML)
  • Data Analytics
  • Contract manufacturing organisation (CMO)
  • Contract packaging organisation (CPO)
  • Brand protection, enforcement, security, integrity and management companies
  • Healthcare research organizations
  • Pharmaceutical industry professional associations
  • Anti-counterfeiting organizations
  • IT service providers
  • Cloud & Big Data
  • Intellectual Property, investigators and Trademark council
  • Drug regulatory agencies and customs
  • Pharmacists
  • Cold Chain
  • Transportation/Logistics





pharmaceutical companies



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Wednesday - 13th March 2024

  • 08:00
  • Registration & Refreshments

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  • 08:50
  • Welcome Address & Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

    Begin your conference journey with a warm welcome from our esteemed Chairperson

    Stephen Wilkins

    Stephen Wilkins CEO
    Davies Development and Testing

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Integrity and Security

  • 09:00
  • PharmaLedger – Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem in Healthcare

    Himanshu Agrawal

    Himanshu Agrawal Director - Global Process Owner & Digital Innovation Lead, Supply Chain Logistics
    GSK, PharmaLedger

  • 09:30
  • The Power of Intelligent Automation and Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain Management

    Radovan Simic

    Radovan Simic Product Flow & Sustainability Lead

  • 10:00
  • Relevance and power of the Business Case

    Heiko Trefzger

    Heiko Trefzger Product Manager Data & Insights

  • 10:30
  • Business Card Exchange with Morning Coffee/Tea & Discussion


  • 10:50
  • Best Practices in Exceptions Management for Supply Chain Efficiency

    Riya Cao

    Riya Cao CEO

  • 11:20
  • Potential use of machine learning for the supply chain

    Gianpiero Lorusso

    Gianpiero Lorusso Senior Supply Chain leader in the Biotech and Pharma business

  • 11:50
  • Optimizing Supply Chain Resilience: A Focus on Traceability

    In the fast-paced global market, the resilience of supply chains hinges on traceability, a critical strategy that ensures transparency, security, and sustainability from origin to consumer. BSI's insights into traceability unveil its role in risk management and as a catalyst for revolutionising logistics and bolstering consumer trust. Despite the technological and logistical challenges, advancements in blockchain, IoT, and AI are breaking new ground, offering unparalleled transparency and efficiency. This presentation will dissect how traceability is not merely a tool but a cornerstone for modern supply chains, demonstrating through real-world examples how businesses are navigating complexities to enhance resilience, mitigate risks, and drive sustainability, proving that traceability is the linchpin of supply chain optimisation in today's dynamic trade environment.

    David Fairnie

    David Fairnie Principal Consultant - Supply Chain Risk Management and Resilience - EMEA

  • 12:15
  • The NIRONE Scanner Platform – The Pharma Security Solution

    Dominik G. Rabus

    Dominik G. Rabus Head of NIRONE Product Conformity Solutions
    Spectral Engines

  • 12:40
  • Luncheon & Networking - Explore, Engage with Your Peers, and Connect at Our Exhibitor Booths



  • 13:20
  • Data Governance in Blockchain Track & Trace Supply Chain Solutions

    Alexandru Popa

    Alexandru Popa Associate Director | Blockchain for Digital Supply Chain

  • 13:40
  • Track & Trace: strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in pharmaceutical supply chain

    Leonid Sharanov

    Leonid Sharanov Former Serialization and Traceability SME | Track & Trace Lead
    Johnson & Johnson

  • 14:10
  • The Future of Healthcare Operations: A Roadmap of Strategic Priorities and Sustainable Innovations

    Jaya Mishra

    Jaya Mishra Associate Director in Global Healthcare Operations
    Merck Healthcare

  • 14:40
  • Combining pack security, child safety and ease of opening

    Stephen Wilkins

    Stephen Wilkins CEO
    Davies Development and Testing

  • 15:10
  • Recharge with Tea or Coffee While Networking



  • 15:30
  • Is the QR Code the Death of the GS1 DataMatrix Code – 2024 Edition

    Stefan Artlich

    Stefan Artlich Director and Global Process Owner 'Track & Trace'

  • 16:00
  • Evolving the MOD’s Supply Chain Cyber Security Approach

    Phil Blunden

    Phil Blunden Asst. Head Cyber Supply Chain Security
    UK Ministry of Defence

  • 16:30
  • UNICEF - Digitising the supply chain to tackle falsified medicines

    In this session they will share information about TRVST and how UNICEF and its partners are working with countries across Africa, such as Nigeria and Rwanda, to implement the solution.

    Grant Courtney

    Grant Courtney Principal Consultant
    Smarter and Safer Products (on behalf of UNICEF)

    Max Kabalisa

    Max Kabalisa Manager, Digitalisation and Traceability
    UNICEF Supply Division

  • 17:00
  • A strategic adoption of new technologies in pharma supply chain

    • How to strategically adopt new technologies in the pharmaceutical supply chain
    • Challenges faced by the industry when adopting these new technologies
    • The importance of maintaining a secure and efficient pharmaceutical supply chain
    • New trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing including predictive analytics, digital twins, robotics and more
    • The potential risks associated with the adoption of new technologies in the pharmaceutical supply chain
    Faris Hattar

    Faris Hattar Associate Director of Supply Chain
    Hikma Pharmaceuticals

  • 17:30
  • Executive Insights: How can pharmaceutical companies build a reliable and sustainable supply chain?

    • Establish strong partnerships with key suppliers
    • Plan for potential disruptions and have contingency plans in place
    • Brace for potential disruptions by stockpiling key materials and supplies
    • Invest in technology that can help automate and optimize your supply chain operations
    • Implementing a comprehensive set of preventive best practices across the enterprise and all external stakeholders
    • Technologies being deployed to protect consumers and the integrity of brands
    • Overcoming supply chain challenges and actionable steps to increase efficiency

    Stephen Wilkins

    Stephen Wilkins CEO
    Davies Development and Testing

    Shilan Ghafoor

    Shilan Ghafoor Supply Chain Assurance Lead - COVID Vaccines Unit
    UK Health Security Agency

    Riya Cao

    Riya Cao CEO

    Radovan Simic

    Radovan Simic Product Flow & Sustainability Lead

    Florian Meichelbock

    Florian Meichelbock E2E Senior Supply Network Manager
    Bayer Consumer Health

    Melanie Hansen

    Melanie Hansen Supply Chain Manager
    AJ Vaccines

  • 18:00
  • Chairperson’s Closing Remark

  • 18:10
  • Networking Drinks Session - Unwind with Evening Drinks and Engaging Conversations

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Director, Global Privacy Legal Counsel

Very well organized by Corvus

E2E Senior Supply Network Manager

Great Experience

Business Development Manager

Very well organised and professional

Spectral Engines
Country Manager DACH Region

I really enjoyed the conference overall

Head of Marketing

I really enjoyed the Roche and the MSD presentations

Logistics & Distribution Specialist

Newbridge Pharmaceuticals
Director, Supply Chain

It is one of the few rich content conferences that I have attended. Well done! It covered interesting current hot topics, and was well managed and presented.

Almatica Pharma
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Excellent event with great program & great speakers

Principal Consultant - Supply Chain Security

Format excellent and platform impressive

Marketing Manager

As a sponsor and speaker, honestly we couldn't be happier. This is the best value we've had out of a virtual event by a long way. We made connections, got leads, were seen. This was the perfect event for us and one we will definitely plan around. Thank you corvus global events for putting together such a great event.

DB Schenker

I recently attended the Pharma Supply Chain & Security World conference, which was a great event and lots of interesting information has been shared.



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