Conference Overview

The Annual Pharma Supply Chain and Security World Summit is now online, and this time with more focus on optimizing your supply chain challenges to ensure an agile, responsive, streamlined and secured supply chain in a Global platform. Pharmaceutical companies have to resist the challenges looming from supply chain security lapses to avoid infiltration of counterfeit, diverted, and adulterated drugs entering into the supply chain. Apart from having an end to end visibility and traceability within the supply chain, an effective serialization programs will be a key differentiator and will be a competitive advantage for the pharmaceutical companies. Drug counterfeiting which is not only a global public health risk, but also harm the quality of the product, the integrity of the brand, the economy and even national security. Revenues from the pharma and bio-pharma counterfeit market is estimated to be more than $200 billion. Aligning your anti-counterfeiting strategy with the corporate supply chain strategy should plot a roadmap for implementing anti-counterfeiting measures.


Both industry and governments across the world recognising the importance of implementing product serialization, it becomes obligatory for all entities within the supply chain to comply with federal or state legislations pertaining to the locations in which they operate. 

Initiatives focusing on supply chain monitoring, such as mass serialisation, track and trace or hologram tagging, had mixed outcomes, as counterfeiters are agile and have found ways to bypass the steps quickly. Pharmaceutical companies and regulators are still developing techniques to stop them by creating intelligence led brand protection strategy. This also reveals numerous gaps in the governmental and industry efforts to safeguard global pharmaceutical and bio-tech supplies.


"The Virtual summit will facilitate an invaluable networking opportunities with Decision makers and Industry experts, focusing on real case studies and insightful presentations.Bringing in Exciting features like Q&A Sessions with industry experts, Networking Video Chat, Polling, Raise Hand, Virtual Exhibitor booths with waiting room/tables and virtual chat, Peer to Peer connect at Social Lounge, Handout Bags and more giving opportunity to grow and expand your networking throughout the event"


It gives us a great pleasure in welcoming you to our whole new Virtual conference 3rd Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2021.


  • How Pharma Industry and professional bodies are fighting against counterfeiting
  • Strategies for drug anti-counterfeiting in global supply chain and improving security through an interlinked supply chain strategy
  • Streamlining your supply chain
  • End to End supply chain visibility
  • Designing an optimal supply chain network
  • Developing a sustainable Serialization strategy
  • Integration of track & trace solutions in production and supply chain
  • Smart Packaging, Labelling, Artwork, Warehouse & Logistics
  • Serialization Data and Analytics driven approach to increase supply chain agility
  • Adoption of Blockchain in pharma supply chain
  • Effective Authentication Technologies
  • Best selection of tamper-evident features
  • Brand Protection & Securing supply chain integrity
  • Global enterprise level solutions for anti-counterfeiting
  • Tackling pharmaceutical crime - initiatives at multinational, EU and national level
  • IP and regulatory enforcement
  • Synchrony of the Pharma Industry and professional bodies against counterfeiting
  • Understanding and meeting the needs of DSCSA, EU FMD and other global regulations
  • Strategies for public awareness and patient protection
  • Best practices to protect your brand
  • The role of the Internet in aiding the counterfeiters – How to overcome the situation?
  • Developing a RMP for your supply chain to protect your Brand, Product and Patient Safety
  • The need to understand and adopt new technologies like IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Case study: How companies are structuring their counterfeiting efforts and departments?



Attendees include GMs, VPs, Directors, Heads and Managers of:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
  • Supply Chain management companies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Serialization, Track and Trace solution providers
  • Brand protection, enforcement, security, integrity and management companies
  • Healthcare research organizations
  • Pharmaceutical industry professional associations
  • Anti-counterfeiting organizations
  • Packaging & labelling companies
  • Authentication technology suppliers
  • Contract manufacturing organization (CMO)
  • IT service providers
  • Intellectual Property, investigators and Trademark council
  • Drug regulatory agencies and customs



There are plenty of opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader & showcase your company.

For enquiries on speaker opportunities please e-mail to

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Tuesday - 9th March 2021 (TimeZone GMT)

  • 10:00
  • Welcome Address & Platform Orientation - Orientation will focus on how to access and navigate the virtual conference platform for Live Sessions & Interactive Networking

  • 10:25
  • Chairperson's opening remarks

    Dieter Peters (Moderator)

    Dieter Peters (Moderator) President of Make Profit Growth Happen
    (former EVP Grünenthal Global Product Supply)

Towards Improving Pharma Supply Chain

  • 10:30
  • Panel Discussion: Unprecedented opportunities during unprecedented crisis – How to manage supply chain risks to Proactively build a resilient supply chain?

    Dieter Peters (Moderator)

    Dieter Peters (Moderator) President of Make Profit Growth Happen
    (former EVP Grünenthal Global Product Supply)

    Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall Associate Director, Devens Supply Chain
    Bristol-Myers Squibb

    Grant Courtney

    Grant Courtney Founder and CEO
    Smarter and Safer Products

    Vickram Srivastava

    Vickram Srivastava Head of Supply Chain Planning
    Ipca Laboratories Limited

  • 11:10
  • Keynote Case Study: Roche's Journey to Supplier Collaboration and Innovation

    Miriam Hartmann

    Miriam Hartmann Global Supplier Management Lead

  • 11:40
  • Digitization of supply chain to foster data-driven supply chain planning and build on E2E supply chain visibility

    Mayank Batra

    Mayank Batra Director - Supply Chain & Operational Excellence
    Mint Pharmaceuticals

  • 12:10
  • Forensic Analysis in the Fight against Counterfeit Medicines

    Belen Gonzalez Amoros

    Belen Gonzalez Amoros Associate Director Forensic Services Lab EMEA - Brand protection & security

    Geoff Albert-Bolinski

    Geoff Albert-Bolinski Associate Director - Forensic Services

  • 12:40
  • Virtual Luncheon & Networking - Visit Exhibitor Booths & Network with your peers in our Lounge (Face to Face Video Chats)

  • 13:20
  • Designing an optimal supply chain network - Determine the right structure for your supply chain

    • Holistic end-to-end supply chain assessment considering internal and external perspectives
    • Adapting to changes in demand patterns, business environment
    • Streamlining your supply chain

    Arni Hrannar Haraldsson

    Arni Hrannar Haraldsson EVP Global Supply Chain
    MS Pharma

Serialization, Track & Trace and Packaging

  • 13:50
  • Simple Authentication Technologies

    • Implementation and detection processes
    • Authentication of labels and boxes with Cryptoglyph
    • Authentication of molded items with Fingerprint

    Fred Jordan

    Fred Jordan CEO

  • 14:20
  • DSCSA - Saleable Returns & the roadmap to Track and Trace 2023

    Gregg Gorniak

    Gregg Gorniak US Serialisation Market Lead

  • 14:50
  • Planning and Aligning for 2023: Moving beyond ‘Compliance Now’ in your Serialization Strategy, and planning for the next stages of regulation

    Ayse Baker

    Ayse Baker Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

  • 15:20
  • Visit Virtual Exhibitor Booths/Speed Networking at our Exclusive Lounge (Face to Face Video chat with Exhibtors and other attendees)

  • 15:40
  • Large scale secure Product Tracking

    Alexander Rüegg

    Alexander Rüegg CEO
    U-NICA Group

  • 16:00
  • Sustainable packaging digitization and its opportunities for a sound anti-counterfeiting strategy

    • How to use the digital technology to improve your anti-counterfeiting strategy
    • What make an AC Strategy sound
    • Sustainability and digitization are not contradictory

    Patrik Merckell

    Patrik Merckell CEO, Disruptor and Founder sa

De-Risking Supply Chain, Compliance & Partnerships

  • 16:30
  • Real-time Risk Management - Using data and technology to enhance GDP compliance and supply chain security

    • As our industry looks to embrace technology and innovation the challenge is navigating how to extract value from data.
    • We will explore practical and tangible ways that bringing together fragmented data sources can bring value and results that reduce costs, protects brand and product integrity

    Frankie Mossman

    Frankie Mossman Chief Customer Officer

  • 17:00
  • Securing your supply chain in high risk environments

    • How to protect loads in high risk and volatile environments?
    • Risk strategy
    • Dealing with corruption
    • Managing your security costs

    Nery Ayala

    Nery Ayala Director, Security & HSE

  • 17:30
  • BMS Forensic Center of Excellence – Analytical Strategy and Processes for Detection of Counterfeit Drug Products

    Scott Huffman

    Scott Huffman Associate Director Global Quality, Analytical Science & Technology
    Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • 18:00
  • Chairperson’s closing remarks

  • 18:10
  • Networking - Catch-up with your peers in social lounge

Wednesday - 10th March 2021 (TimeZone GMT)

  • 10:00
  • Welcome Address & Platform Orientation - Orientation will focus on how to access and navigate the virtual conference platform for Live Sessions & Interactive Networking

  • 10:15
  • Chairperson's opening remarks

    Dieter Peters (Moderator)

    Dieter Peters (Moderator) President of Make Profit Growth Happen
    (former EVP Grünenthal Global Product Supply)

Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Integrity & Compliance

  • 10:20
  • Benefits beyond the EU Falsified Medicines Directive - The hospital setting

    • What have been the impacts of the EU FMD on hospitals and what are they doing to minimise these
    • Where do benefits exist across the hospital supply chain, leveraging the new barcodes
    • What uses cases are being leveraged today and will take place in futuer

    Grant Courtney

    Grant Courtney Founder and CEO
    Smarter and Safer Products

  • 10:40
  • How Digitization can improve manufacturing responsiveness, quality and efficiency

    Varun Chugh

    Varun Chugh Director, Technology Transformation

  • 11:00
  • Implementing On-Dose Authentication Technologies

    • Mass digitalization of medicines offers new levels of brand authentication, supply chain security and transparency
    • The use of taggants is becoming more common following the publication of the US FDA guidance on the use of physical-chemical identifiers (PCIDs) in solid oral dosage forms (SODFs)
    • Microtags or taggants are uniquely encoded materials that are virtually impossible to replicate, or reverse engineer. They can be used to on finished products, ingredients or materials used to make products, and on packaging

    Gary Pond

    Gary Pond Global Program Manager – Authentication
    Colorcon Inc

  • 11:30
  • Pharmaceutical Industry has come together create a Blockchain based Trust Centric Healthcare through the Pharmaledger Project

    Himanshu Agrawal

    Himanshu Agrawal Director - Global Process Owner & Innovation Lead, Supply Chain Logistics
    GSK, Pharmaledger

  • 11:50
  • nMark – Next gen anti-counterfeiting based on nanomaterials

    Paul Mumford

    Paul Mumford Director, Business Development
    Advanced Material Development

  • 12:20
  • Virtual Luncheon & Networking - Visit Exhibitor Booths & Network with your peers in our Lounge (Face to Face Video Chats)

  • 13:00
  • A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Brand Protection

    • Develop a strategy protecting the patient safety, brand reputation, intellectual property rights and revenue
    • Guidelines to prevent counterfeit from entering the supply chain
    • Create a team which has experts from Law enforcement, supply chain, packaging technology and legal
    • Develop best practices for counterfeit detection, prevention and deterrence
    • Develop & implement a counterfeit risk assessment tool

    Kobi Mor

    Kobi Mor Security Management Strategist, Y Mor Consulting
    (Former VP, Head of Global Corporate Security, Teva Pharmaceuticals)

  • 13:20
  • How Pharma Industry and professional bodies are fighting against counterfeiting" and "Tackling pharmaceutical crime - initiatives at multinational, EU and national level

    • How the Law enforcement bodies fight against the counterfeiting
    • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU law enforcement

    Karoly Molnar

    Karoly Molnar Customs and Law Enforcement Expert
    Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration

  • 13:40
  • Finding the Needle in a Haystack – How to Efficiently Manage Alerts in a Serialization System

    • The EU directive on the prevention of falsified medicines came into force on the 9th of February 2019. All prescription medicines that circulate in the European Market bare a unique identifier.
    • The system helps identify and investigate potential falsifications. Nevertheless, many of the alerts raised are false positives. This is creating a huge workload for all stakeholders.
    • Alert management systems are needed in order to accurately classify and manage alerts, separate out false positives and ultimately allowing for investigation on real falsifications

    Jan Schwietzke

    Jan Schwietzke Country Manager Track & Trace Solutions Iberia
    Arvato Systems

  • 14:00
  • Risk Takers vs. Resilience Makers…You do have a choice

    Reduce supply chain losses, improve brand protection, enhance customer loyalty, improve employee safety, optimise supply chain efficiency, and connect with government ministries, regulatory bodies and law enforcement

    Thorsten Neumann

    Thorsten Neumann President & CEO
    Transported Asset Protection Association(TAPA)

Pharmacists, Public and Online Market Place

  • 14:30
  • Raising public awareness about falsified medicines on the Internet

    • How have criminals taken advantage of the pandemic to sell falsified medicines and other products on the Internet
    • What concrete measures to have been taken by governments and agencies to prevent this
    • Why is educating the public so important and how can we achieve this?

    Mike Isles

    Mike Isles Executive Director
    The European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines

  • 15:00
  • Do digital authentication technologies provide a strong anti-falsified medicines strategy ?

    • What do we mean by digital authentication technologies ? Are fingerprint technologies the good definition of a digital technology ?
    • Use case description on how a digital technology has answered to falsified product detection ?
    • What is the impact on production for such technology compared to physical security solutions?

    Camille Diss

    Camille Diss Head of Digital Solutions Product Line
    Arjo Solutions

  • 15:20
  • Visit Virtual Exhibitor Booths/Speed Networking at our Exclusive Lounge (Face to Face Video chat with Exhibitors and other attendees)

  • 15:40
  • Track & Trace, what is the impact on Illicit Trade? Several Industries recently implemented full Track & Trace requirements. The Tobacco Industry in the EU and several industries in Russia are pioneers having by far the most demanding legislation to comply with:

    • What was done in those industries?
    • What is the customer's opinion about that?
    • What effects on Illicit Trade can be observed after the first period of active Serialization?

    Ulrich Schild

    Ulrich Schild Sales Director
    3KEYS GmbH

Digitally Integrated Supply Chains & Nextgen Technologies

  • 16:00
  • Panel discussion: Building a Smarter Supply Chain - How supply chain can unlock competitive advantage in pharma through the adoption of technologies

    Dieter Peters (Moderator)

    Dieter Peters (Moderator) President of Make Profit Growth Happen
    (former EVP Grünenthal Global Product Supply)

    Christophe Suizdak

    Christophe Suizdak Global Senior Manufacturing Director, Cytiva
    (Former Director Global Supply Chain, GE Healthcare)

    Michael Trocchia

    Michael Trocchia Managing Consultant, Trocchia SCM
    (Former Executive Director, Abbvie)

    Mark Baker

    Mark Baker Founder
    MediChain Hypatia

  • 16:30
  • A safe and secure supply chain – that has never been more important than today

    Ulrike Kreysa

    Ulrike Kreysa Senior Vice-President Healthcare
    GS1 Global Office, Brussels

  • 17:00
  • Chairperson’s closing remarks

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