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Andy Stafford

Director - Nitro Digital

Andy Stafford is the commercial director at Nitro Digital, a full service digital marketing agency specialising in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, bringing its creative brand of innovation and user-focused solutions to a digitally cautious pharma industry. Customer experience informs everything Nitro does. Andy himself offers a strategic design thinking mindset, with detailed knowledge of digital marketing, social media innovation and multi-channel solutions. Additionally, he recognises the need to support clients through the legal and regulatory discussions required to help move into a more customer- and patient-centred transparency and engagement. Nitro’s main service offerings are: Strategy; User Experience (UX) Research and Design; Web Technology and Software Design and Engineering, with tactical execution across digital production (i.e.websites and iReps); Content Marketing; Marketing Services (including Strategy and Technology, SEO, Media Planning and Buying (inside and outside medical publishers), Congress Marketing, Closed Loop Marketing, CRM and Analytics.

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