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Herve Dumas

Patients’ Technology Solutions Lead - UCB

Hervé has nineteen years of experience in the health care industry with expertise in defining and executing growth strategies and in launching new therapeutic indications and products. Hervé currently works at UCB as Patients’ Technology Solutions Lead within the Strategic Marketing Group. In his role, Hervé is providing strategic guidance on novel non-drug solutions acquisition, development and their integration in overall patients care pathway. Hervé is also in charge of establishing UCB’s framework for non-drug solutions go to market strategies and marketing input in development phases and to support UCB’s business units in the launch of devices and non-drug solutions Hervé started his career in the telecom industry and joined the healthcare industry nineteen years ago, working with pharma companies (Merck Serono, Ferring) and medical device companies (Medtronic, start-ups) in both Europe and US. Hervé defined and executed growth strategies and launched multiple medical devices, therapeutic indications and services. He also co-invented, accompanied the development and launched in 2007, easypodTM the first electronic auto-injector able to monitor patient’s adherence. During the last four years, he developed and launched Integrated Care Pathway and Adherence solutions aiming at improving patient care and healthcare system efficiency through the integration of data, medical technology and value-added services for multiple therapies including Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson patients, Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Endocrine disorders, and Spinal Procedure for patients suffering from degenerative discs’ disorders.

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